Why You Need To Protect Your Joints If You Want to Live to Be 100 - Peter Attia

Here is an excellent interview with Peter Attia about longevity and health. Watch on YouTube.

Peter Attia, M.D., and founder of Attia Medical, PC, sits down with Tom to discuss what changes everyone should make in their life in order to build and extend the best quality of your physical and emotional durability as you age.

Show Notes

  • Preserving health and extending physical longevity [0:47]

  • Loading muscle vs. loading joints [2:20]

  • The new sport of becoming a kickass 100-year-old [3:27]

  • Minimizing suffering and training to be the best 100-year-old [4:42]

  • The physical results and consequences of aging [7:34]

  • Adapting your exercise to risk probability [9:28]

  • The VO2 max threshold [11:45] Fast vs. slow orthopedic injuries that kill people [14:58]

  • The substantial risks of join overload [16:50]

  • Driving and alcohol as the biggest misjudgments of risk [17:46]

  • Caloric restriction offers considerable long-term benefits [21:31]

  • The truth about the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) [22:45]

  • Investing in health over money [26:39]

  • Being cautious on teaching kids how to eat [28:36] The Sunk Cost Fallacy [31:12]

  • Using insecurities as a mechanism to drive you [34:40]

  • Recognizing what your reactions actually mean [36:26]

  • Surround yourself with honest, patient people [41:40]

  • Being the best version of yourself for those you love [42:50]

  • We suffer in our heads more than in any other way [44:59]

  • Exercise, Sleep, Nutrition, Management of Distress [46:28]

See Video on YouTube, published 9 November, 2018

Also visit Peter Atia’s web site