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Creating vitality, longevity, health and wellness for our clients

IncreaseYourV, LLC Physical therapy, health and wellness clinic is conveniently located off I-95 in Kittery, Maine. We know that wellness is very important to our clients and our purpose is to to assist with these aims.

Our mission is to help our patients accomplish their goals in a consistent, compassionate, and efficient way. Based on the your long and short-term goals we develop a treatment plan that is the most efficient path towards it.

It's about having a strong body, mind and soul. 
Our aim is to educate our patients and treat them in a safe environment while offering them the comprehensive care that they need.

By combining the latest evidence based treatment with traditional techniques, we give you the best care you deserve.

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Andrew Tomas, PT MEng DPT

Dr. Andrew Tomas has over 30 years of experience in the athletic performance and health care field.

Andrew has worked with professional and up-and-coming athletes, performing artists, heavy industry "athletes", office & home professionals, weekend warriors and retirees.

Andrew is owner of IncreaseYourV wellness clinic in Kittery, Maine. He is faculty at Evidence in Motion (EIM) and adjunct faculty at Franklin Pierce University, Manchester, NH.

A past pole vault coach at Colorado University in Boulder, he has interests including surfing, biking, yoga, photography and health. Andrew has also been known to put on some skis and ice skates to enjoy the seasons of Maine.


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