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Purpose & Personal Improvement Training


Do you feel like you are not living the life that you should be? Do you feel like your life should have more meaning and purpose? I can assist you in exploring your life purpose through coaching sessions, both in person and/or distance, to assist individuals in achieving clarity and empowerment over their life.

By cultivating your life purpose, you can get started on your life goals and working to fulfill your dreams.


What are the results of determining your purpose?

  • Give meaning to your life
  • Provide you with motivation and energy
  • Discover your goals
  • Categorize your priorities
  • Appraise your progress
  • Establish your future
  • Develop your potential


Who are you really? Underneath the persona that you present to the world is the true you. Have you become just a face that speaks the translated meaning of your truth?

Over time your essence has been obscured by the world around you. It has introduced doubts, anxieties, uncertainties and a general confusion of ideas and values, and you have become the person that you think you should be, rather than who you really are.

For many of us it is very difficult to know where to start the journey to knowing ourselves. So we let things go on the way they are now, without any hope of change or improvement.

I will work with you to discover who you are and what your life is worth to you. Only you have the answer to that question, but finding out what it is can change your life forever!


How many New Year’s resolutions have you set?

Have you decided to get fitter, lose some weight or maybe stop smoking? Or have been thinking about dealing with your relationship or looking for a new job, but have not quite gotten around starting with any of your goals yet? Does that sound familiar? At least you are in the three percent of the population that actually sets goals. 

There are several reasons that people give for not following through on their goals, but the most common cause is that they don’t know how create their goals to be able to implement and complete them.


What will you achieve with having appropriate goals?

  • Make what you do every day clear and based on a purpose
  • Become motivated and energized
  • Realize your goals and perceive your progress towards them
  • Change your life by becoming an achiever
The purpose of life is a life of purpose
Robert Byrne