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Sports Specific Training

What is Sport Specific Training & Rehabilitation?

Sport specific training and rehabilitation focuses on the movement patterns and forces that the athlete experiences during their specific sport. If this isn’t addressed during their training and rehabilitation, it can lead to crucial movement mistakes and injury for an athlete at any level of play.

At IncreaseYourV, LLC we work with our patients to assess them for their specific sport and develop individualized treatment and development programs that relates to the demands of their particular activity on the body.

What are the benefits of sport specific training & rehabilitation?

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are injured and require hospitalization for sports injuries each year. Many of these could have been prevented if the athletes were truly prepared for their specific sport. At IncreaseYourV, LLC we can identify areas of the body with deficits in strength, flexibility, mobility, power and agility, and develop a specific program for the individual to address and restore these to normal, prevent injuries, recover from injuries and return to their sport at a higher level of function.


What are the benefits of sport specific training & rehabilitation?

  • Increasing strength of weakened areas
  • Increasing general strength and endurance for improved performance
  • Stimulation of joint receptors
  • Restoration of joint motion and flexibility of tissue
  • Improved connective tissue extensibility for improved movement