Longevity and Wellness presentation at Shilo Farm


Join Us For A Lecture

$10 (free for Shilo Farm members)

presented by
Dr. Andrew Tomas PT MEng DPT

  • TIME: Saturday 11am—noon

  • DATE: February 3rd, 2018

  • LOCATION: Shilo Farm - 88 Beech Road, Eliot, Maine

This presentation will discuss longevity and vitality, how to live longer and get more out of life and preserve your Vitality:

  • Preserve your brain, body and spirit

  • Learn about various illness processes and how to delay them

  • Discover approaches to life, fitness, diet and sleep to help you with living a longer and healthier life

For additional information contact:

Shilo Farm
88 Beech Road Eliot, Maine
PHONE: 207-703-8483
Email: ShiloFarm88@gmail.com