Prevent Swimmer's Shoulder

Are you at risk of swimmer’s shoulder?

Swimmer’s shoulder is a condition that results in shoulder pain, usually in the front of the shoulder. In the long run, if left untreated can result in injury, pain, damage to the rotator cuff, long head of the biceps, and the shoulder joint. The consequence is the inability to train and compete, and possibly surgical intervention to repair the damage in the shoulder.

Swimmer’s shoulder can result from a variety of causes and is associated with poor posture and shoulder joint mobility, especially excessive shoulder flexibility. In addition, it can be the consequence of poor neuromuscular control, particularly coupled with muscle performance and power.

In swimmers, shoulder injuries and dysfunction are related to shoulder and shoulder girdle weakness as well as strength and strength-ratio deficits, which can all be tested. Shoulder strength assessment is, therefore, a valuable component of the physical examination. The results of the individual evaluation can be used to develop a customized, preventive shoulder strengthening program, focused on correcting any specific weakness and imbalance.

Test your shoulders

Where: By appointment at IncreaseYourV, on-site visits to local swimming teams can also be arranged. 

Testing will include:

  • Shoulder strength testing

  • Shoulder mobility testing

  • Posture impairment evaluation

  • Individualized report of results