Build Your Muscles & Fight Age Related Muscle Loss!

The Dead Lift, (Front) Squat and Leg Press RULE!

The loss of muscle mass begins early in life, depending on your activity level. It starts in your 20s and 30s but gains momentum when you hit 50 and continues to increase more rapidly in your mid-70s. This is called sarcopenia or age-related muscle loss.

Sarcopenia is related to physical activity, especially due to lack of physical activity and specifically from a lack of intense activity. The good news is that age-related muscle loss and the decrease in strength can be not only slowed but reversed.

That is why the Dead Lift, (Front) Squat and Leg Press are some of the most effective exercises to counter sarcopenia; they are very intense and safe activities if performed properly.

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CNN Article: How to build muscle as age tears it down - 6 March 2018

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